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K A U A' I , You have my heart.

K A U A' I , You have my heart.

Oh, how I love the beautiful island of Kaua'i. It's arguably the most beautiful places on Earth. This island is mostly covered in tropical rainforest with oxygen-rich crisp air and exquisite beaches. She rains when she wants, so expect lush rainfalls. This place is for adventure seekers looking for a feeling so rare. Imagine the movie Avatar meets Jurassic Park meets heaven on Earth.

There are incredible sights to be seen and lots...

A L O H A & M A H A L O

Let's begin by defining these prominent Hawaiian words that represent the ancient Hawaiian culture and values. Here are the internet's definition of both.

Now, that is the very basic denotation of these words. There is so much more to the literal definition that misses the idea and feelings that the words represent. The literal definitions above reveal when these words should be used, as hello or goodbye when you meet or depart someone and as saying thank you to show your gratitude...